Learn the skills and habits you need to boost your immune system

30 Day Immune System Challenge

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This online program guides you through the path Reyna Gobel, health journalist and author of the nutrition portion of this course followed to lose 75 pounds and kick severe sinus infections that landed her in bed for a month per year. She hasn't had to take antibiotics in over 7 years.

First step and first week is setting overall nutrition, fitness, and stress reduction goals for the 30-day challenge. Then, a new detailed section drops every Monday starting with an introduction and guidance to the 30-day elimination diet Reyna created.

Next, Elisabeth Halfpapp and Fred DeVito of CoreBarreFit, who are the international pioneers of Barre Fitness and helped Reyna with her health and physical therapy goals, dissect key moves to boost results and limit injury from planks to bicep curls. Small changes in exercises lead to big result differences. 

Finally, Betty Lochner, communication mindset coach and former national executive director of the college savings plan network teaches how to reduce stressful communication. Her coaches has helped save people from getting fired over miscommunications and improved personal relationships of all kinds. Reyna always asks for her communication advice.  

Since there is no one that can't benefit from an immune system boost, the coaches will be studying along with you and learn from each other. 


Join us on a 30-day journey to build a better immune system. 

1. Weekly video segments with step-by-step elimination diet, fitness, and stress reduction instruction.

2. Weekly coaching hours from the coaches who are quoted in publication such The New York Times, Real Simple, and The Washington Post.

3. Extra resources and reference material on all three topics.

30 Days


With Reyna Gobel 

30 Days


With Elisabeth HalfPapp & Fred DeVito

30 Days


With Betty Lochner


  • Anyone who wants a stronger immune system to fight viruses and other diseases
  • Those suffering from allergies or  tummy issues that is likely linked to what you eat
  • People who want to lose a few pounds
  • Those working out at home who want workouts that are as effective and injury free as in top fitness club classes
  • Anyone wanting to reduce stress in communication with friends, family, or co-workers

Frequently Asked Questions

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One time payment - lifetime access

  • 3 modules delivered over 3 weeks that includes videos, exercises, tools and worksheets
  • Journal pages for each module
  • Weekly office hours with the experts for Q & A

By registering for this program you are agreeing that you understand the following:

  •  This is not a medically subscribed program, and
  • you need to seek your doctor's approval if you have health problems that may impact your ability to complete the 30-day challenge. 

Everything you need to build resilience and a healthy immune system

Over the course of 30 days, you'll gain the tools needed to reduce stress, improve your diet, and improve your fitness for years to come. Whenever, you need to, we want this course to be a guide for improving your immune system in the future.


We don't want your current financial situation to stop you from building your immune system!

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